The agrivoltaic solutions from SigueSol are an innovative response to the challenges of modern agriculture.

Designed to seamlessly integrate into agricultural activities, they offer dual use of the land, optimizing space without harming crops and pastures.

  • Perfect Integration: Solutions tailored to the needs of crops and livestock, ensuring a smooth coexistence.
  • Resource Optimization: Dual use of land for solar energy production and optimal crop growth.
  • Agricultural Protection: Creating beneficial protection for crops and livestock through moderate shading.
  • Agricultural Adaptability: Easy passage for agricultural machinery, respecting daily operations.
  • Clean Energy for Agriculture: Contribution to the energy self-sufficiency of farms, promoting sustainability.

Our projects

The Netherlands, screws — 13.3 MWp

France, screws — 5 MWp

France, ball joint bases on stringers – 14 MWp